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[] With the legal age you VSPU!

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[] With the legal age you VSPU!
The festive atmosphere prevailed early in the morning

[] October 5, 2010 - a double celebration for the Volgograd State Pedagogical University: Teacher's Day and the 18 th anniversary of the day when the teacher's college was granted university status.

[] On the World Teachers' Day Teachers University, accepted congratulations and the students rushed to congratulate favorite teachers. The festive atmosphere prevailed early in the morning: Among raznotsvetya greeting banners, greeting cards, colorful fall bouquets - smiling teachers, well-dressed, and many on this occasion badges - let the "new recruits" Look, what distinguished teacher he was lucky to learn.

The celebration began with the opening ceremony of the statue, "Goddess of knowledge." Sculpture - plaster creation of a graduate of the Institute of Art Education - appeared before the assembly on the script of "Formula of Love" and became the personification of thirst for knowledge, a symbol of perfection.

Original, for all the memorable was fair "Colors of Autumn", which attracted students of almost all departments. On-site showroom stylized autumn Bazarno-skomoroshnuyu scene of some of Gogol's tales were presented such an abundance of goods that the eyes run. Rings, bracelets, embroidered satin pillows and socks, author greeting cards, beaded necklaces, earrings, "vexatious" blouses and sundresses, the Chinese pendants, jewelry boxes, as well as all sorts of goodies: cakes, pie, pies, cakes and even sushi ... And all of this actions were accompanied by jokes, rhymes, swashbuckling, Cossack leader and Russian folk and Cossack songs.

Traditional, but always exciting, award ceremony faculty and staff of the University took place in the concert hall. By the Rector, NK Sergeyev for his contribution to the development of the Volgograd State Pedagogical University as a center for science, education and culture, many years of conscientious work in preparing highly qualified teachers for the education sector, as well as in connection with the Teacher's Day and 18 th anniversary of the conversion of the Volgograd Order "Badge of Honor" of the state Pedagogical Institute Serafimovicha at Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Awarded VSPU of Merit »III degree 20. Sign Volgograd State Pedagogical University of Merit »II degree awarded Head of the Department of General History, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Eugene G. Blosfeld. The hall was attended by those who presented letters of appreciation of the Volgograd regional legislature, certificates of appreciation to the Ministry of Education and Science. The title "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation awarded Professor. EY Bolotov, Ph.D. NI Dem'yanovich, PhD GY Wedge-shaped.

On this day, after the reconstruction was solemnly opened the gym. In addition, all anyone could visit the changing exhibitions dedicated to the development of science in Stalingrad State Pedagogical Institute (1931-1961gg.) Exhibition "Evolution of writing and writing materials." Surprised and took great pleasure photoshoot "Cabinet teacher 30-ies.", "Merchant's wife for tea," a photo exhibition "All of us from childhood." Expressing his love for the mother university, the students painted the main square VSPU crayon. Student TV "positive" delighted viewers holiday programming. Concluded that a full day concert creative teams VSPU.

You can see photos from the holiday.