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Faculty of foreign citizens training

Foreign Students at VSSPU in March 2013
Foreign Students at VSSPU in March 2013
Best Chinese Students of VSSPU
Best Chinese Students of VSSPU
VSSPU talented foreign students
VSSPU talented foreign students

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Tereshchenko Tatyana Mikhaylovna
Ovsyannikova Irina Gennadyevna
VSSPU Main educational building, room  03-28
+7 8442 60 29 11

General information:

The Department of Russian as a foreign language, the testing Center of Russian as a foreign language, the scientific-educational Center "the Russian language and the culture of Russia" work on the basis of the faculty.

Staff: There are 24 regular teachers, 1 full professor, 10 PhDs, 10 senior lectures and 3 assistant lecturers at the faculty.

Education programs:

• additional comprehensive program "the Russian language as a foreign one". Term of training - 1 year.
• professional and educational program of bachelor training "Foreign language (Russian)". The term of training - 4 years
• masters program «Russian as a foreign language». Term of training - 2 years.
• program of postgraduate studies.
• there is a possibility of training at any faculty of Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University.

International cooperation

• short-term training courses (from 1 month to 1 year). More than 25 foreign citizens have been trained in Volgograd State Socio-pedagogical University during  2010/2012. Training includes:
1. Raising the qualification of foreign teachers of Russian as a foreign language;
2. Training in Russian for foreign listeners at different levels  
A certificate is given at the end of the training

• included studies ("2+2"): a program for Chinese bachelors «2+2» has been prepared together with Changchun University. Curricula and training programs are corrected and coordinated. Permission and support of this program has been got from local authorities in Russia and China and  at the state level.

• short-term summer courses: from 2 weeks to 3 months. Part of the study is carried out on the basis of the university camp  «Marathon». The programs of studies and out-of-class activities are developed.

Extracurricular work. At the faculty the following traditional events for foreign students are held annually: Day of the People's Republic of China, Russian speaking parties, Day of Chinese culture, the Russian language Olympiad, etc. Regional geographic trips to the cities of Russia are organized. Constant work with the foreign people’s communities and great curator work in general is carried out.